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Oxford Neighbourhood Watch and Community Newsletter 19-9-21

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Oxford Neighbourhood Watch and Community Newsletter 19-9-21
by Maggie Lewis - Voluntary Area Representative and Administrator for Oxford Neighbourhood Watch. 

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Neighbourhood Watch 
1) Monthly Newsletter
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3) Saying 'no'
Oxford Neighbourhood Watch
1) Welcome
2) Litter Pick
3) Bike Theft
Thames Valley Police 
1) Police website
2) Thames Valley Police in numbers
Thames Valley Police (Oxford)
1) Witness Appeal
2) Bike found
3) TVP Oxford North East Team
1) Romance Scams
2) Fake 'missed parcels'
General Crime Information
1) Thames Valley Community Magazine
2) Extra Funding
3) Crimestoppers
Crime Prevention
1) Window security
2) Bicycle Protection
3) Nuisance Messages
4) Noisy Neighbours
5) Benefits
6) Fire Door Safety
Community Information
1) Longwall Lane Closure
2) Importance of recycling
3) Vaccination van
4) Community Speedwatch  
5) Free Safety Tests
6) Healthwatch

1) OUR NEWS SEPTEMBER 2021 (Neighbourhood Watch monthly news) (attachment)
 People across the UK are being invited to take part in our annual hunt for the UK’s ‘Neighbour of the Year’ – a nationwide search undertaken in partnership by Co-op Insurance and Neighbourhood Watch.
Now in its fourth year, 2021 sees the introduction of a new category: Community of the Year. This award will celebrate the nation’s most outstanding community (could be a street, a sports club, a faith collective, or anything in between, either in person or virtual, such as a WhatsApp, Facebook, or Slack group) and the lengths its members have gone to to support others and make a real difference. 
To nominate your Neighbour of the Year, Young Neighbour of the Year (for people aged 21 years and under) or Community of the Year, and to find out more about these very special awards please visit
If you have any questions get in touch with us via

3) Saying no (attachment)
Always say no if someone contacts you asking for personal or financial info.
Saying ‘no’ can feel uncomfortable but it’s ok to reject, refuse or ignore requests. Only criminals will try to rush or panic you.

Please send NW related in your areas
1) Welcome - To join as a member or Coordinator (starting up a scheme) to help with community safety and reducing and preventing crime, looking after yourself and your neighbours. Neighbourhood Watch has made a difference since 1982 and continues to make a difference.

2) The Leys Litter Pick (see attachment)
The Leys Neighbourhood Watch Group will meet with members and non-members on Sunday, September 26th at 11am outside Blackbird Leys Community Centre.

3) Bike theft in Oxford is increasing.
It is vital that all bike thefts be reported as under-reporting of crimes favours no one but the criminal.  
Lots of people think that there is no point in reporting the theft of a bike to the police but the police occasionally find stolen bikes and a report will make it easier to return it to the rightful owner. One of the main reasons for funding for a bike theft project is due to reported theft.
A good resource is free registration for all cyclists on  and NW members can report to the Abandoned Vehicles Officer if bikes are stolen and will let you know if he sees them on his rounds.
By reporting a crime you are ensuring that national and local crime statistics are accurate; this ultimately ensures the true picture is seen and can have the correct allocation of resource. 
There is a bike theft wave at the moment and some bikes are being stolen to get from one destination to another, for spare parts as there is a shortage and often for financial gain. The amount of times I have heard 'I only left it for five minutes' - even for five minutes please -

1) The website gives crime reports for all roads in Oxford and to access yours please put your postcode in. You can also compare previous reports and is a very useful website.

2) Thames Valley Police in Numbers 
(with thanks to   Michael Loebenberg - Chief Superintendent Local Policing Buckinghamshire)
I have added assaults as these numbers are often missed and can lead to police officers taking on a different role or leaving the police force.

Largest non-metropolitan Force in England & Wales •
 3 Counties (Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire) • 
12 Local Police Areas (LPAs) • 
108 Neighbourhoods • 
2.3 million population • 
In excess of 6 million annual visitors • 
2,200 Square Miles • 
196 miles of motorway (more than any other Force)

Our People in Numbers • 
4,332 Police Officers including Regional Collaborative Units (SECTU & SEROCU) • 
3,419 Police Staff including RCU & OPCC • 
413 Police Community Support Officers • 305 Special Constables • 
751 Volunteers • 
260 Cadets

Police Assaults
1,319 Police Assaults on Police Officers and PCSOs in 2020/2021, compared to 1,088 in 2019/2020
288 Assaults on Police Officers and PCSOs were Covid-19 related in 2020/2021, compared to 16 in 2019/20
300 extra Police Assault outcomes, up by 13%

TVP  (Witness Appeal)
1) POLICE are appealing for witnesses after an eight-year-old boy was hit by a car.
At 4.30pm on Wednesday, a blue Ford Fusion hit the child in Hollow Way, close to the junction with Sunnyside.
The boy sustained serious injuries and is now in hospital in a stable condition.
Investigating officer PC Sarah Davies, of the Joint Operations Unit for Roads Policing, said: “I am appealing for witnesses to this incident whereby an eight-year-old old child has suffered injuries after this collision.
“I would ask that anyone who was in or near the area in which this collision took place, to get in touch with us if you saw anything or have any information on it.
“Also, if any motorists in the area that have dash cam could please check as to whether anything significant was caught, as it could help our investigation.
“You can contact police by calling the 24-hour non-emergency number 101, quoting reference number 43210416325, or by making a report online.”

2) TVP  - from Twitter - found bike (attachment)
Do you recognise this bike?
It was found at around 10.30pm on Friday (10/9) at Carfax in Oxford. If you own this bike or know who does, please contact us on 101 quoting reference 43210408442. Two men were arrested on suspicion of theft and have been released on bail.

3) TVP North East (attachment)
Oxford Northeast Neighbourhood Police team at Headington Farmers Market today for community engagement, this is the first day of the return of the Market back to London Road after over a Year and half.

1) A Guide to Spotting Romance Fraudsters | Thames Valley Police (with thanks to Chief Superintendent Katie Barrow-Grint Chief Superintendent Local Policing -Oxfordshire  )

2) Fake 'missed parcel' messages: advice on avoiding banking malware
How to avoid scams sent via ‘missed parcel’ messages, and what to do if you think you’ve already fallen victim to one.
Cyber criminals are tricking UK citizens into downloading a malicious app by sending convincing-looking 'missed parcel' text messages. The messages contain links to an ‘official’ delivery or parcel tracking app.
The app is in fact malicious and contains spyware. If installed, it can steal your banking details, passwords, and other sensitive information. The app also accesses your contacts and sends them to the criminals, and sends additional text messages from your device to other people's contacts, further spreading itself.
For further information

1) Thames Valley Community Watch magazine (attachment)

2) Extra Funding
Police forces are to be given extra money to tackle violent crime this autumn using intensive, high-visibility police patrols.
18 police forces across England and Wales will receive a share of an additional £4.12 million to increase Hotspot Policing in towns and cities blighted by violent crime.
Developed by Essex Police, the tactic involves operating regular, intensive, high-visibility police foot patrols for short periods of time within specific areas where there is a risk of serious violence. Police data analysis will inform which areas are most at risk of violent crime and where the patrols should be targeted.

3) Crimestoppers  (Twitter)
Know something about a local crime and want to speak up and make a difference, but don't want anyone else to find out?
Get in touch with our charity, on 0800 555 111 or via our secure online form, and our trained team will take down the details of the crime, but never any personal details about you. You’ll have no police contact, no witness statements and no court appearances.
The only person who will ever know you got in touch is you.

Crime Prevention
1) Metropolitan Police- window security

2) Top Tips to Protect Your Bicycle
Register your bike for free with, the UK’s only police-approved cycle database. This will help police to find it if it gets stolen.
Take a photo of your bike and keep it with the insurance details. Make a note of the make, model and serial number.
When parking away from home make sure your bike is locked to a heavy-duty piece of street furniture and where possible with the lock or chain off the floor.
Make sure the lock you use is independently tested (e.g. Sold Secure approved), the correct size and difficult for thieves to access to break it.
At home, lock bicycles in a secure garage or shed if you have one, using a good quality U-lock or chain and padlock to a ground anchor. Consider using two different types of security devices, as often tools to attack one type of device aren’t so applicable to others.
Mark your bicycle frame with your postcode in two separate locations if possible, one of which should be hidden.

3) Nuisance Messages
We Buy Any Car, Sports Direct and Saga have been fined £495,000 for sending millions of ‘frustrating and intrusive’ nuisance messages.
The three firms sent more than 354 million texts and emails between them, The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) said.
The companies did not have permission from people to send these marketing messages. This is against the law.

4) Noisy Neighbours
Nearly 2,000 complaints were recorded in Oxford as noisy neighbours caused a headache during the first year of the coronavirus pandemic.
The area's council recorded 1,996 noise complaints linked to neighbours between April 2020 and March this year, according to new figures.
That was 1,317 complaints for every 100,000 people .
Local authorities are responsible for investigating complaints about issues that could be a statutory nuisance and have a duty to carry out inspections to detect and investigate nuisance complaints, including those concerning excessive noise.

5) Benefits
If you know of anyone in need they may be helped by  a website called Turn2us which is a benefits checker and gives grant information

6) Fire Door Safety Week (20-26 September) 
Fire doors are an essential part of making sure your building is safe from fire. They ensure that the fire and smoke can be kept contained within a ‘compartment’ for a defined period of time, which allows time for people to escape and to make the fire easier for the firefighters to tackle. 
The Five Step Check will help you test whether your fire door is fit-for-purpose – if not, it will need replacing to ensure your building is safe from fire: 
Check for proof of certification without a certification mark, you cannot be sure if a door is really a fire door. Look for a label or plug on top of or to the side of the door. 
Look at the size of the gaps check that the gaps around the top and sides of the door are consistently less than 4mm thick when the door is closed. (You can use a £1 to check this, as it is roughly the correct thickness). The gap under the door can be slightly larger (up to 8mm usually), but this can depend on the door. 
Check the condition of the seal look for the intumescent (heat-expanding) seals around the door or doorframe. These should be intact and have no signs of damage. 
Check the hinge fixing open the door and ensure that all of the three or more hinges are firmly affixed with no missing or broken screws. 
Close the door frame properly the fire door should close firmly onto the latch without sticking on the floor or the frame. Open the door to about halfway, let go and let it close by itself.A fire door will only work if it is fully closed.

1) Longwall Lane Closure
A lane closure on Longwall Street will remain in place until next April.
Temporary traffic lights have been in place on the city centre road since the start of the summer.
But with the return of school morning traffic, drivers have seen longer delays trying to get down the road from Headington, Cowley and Iffley roads.
The road closure is in place so builders can put up scaffolding as part of refurbishment works on Magdalen College-owned properties on Longwall Street.
A spokesman for the college said: “During the progress of the works, we have noticed a build-up of traffic approaching the Longwall junction from St Cross Road at certain times of the day.
“Oxfordshire County Council’s Traffic Light Team are examining if there are prolonged tailbacks at regular times so they can try to reduce the delays.
“Also, additional signage is being erected at locations to be agreed to advise motorists to find alternative routes.”
The road is expected to remain partly shut until April 2022.

2) Importance of Recycling
I have always put a bin liner in the blue wheelie bin to keep it clean. It was pegged on but the liner kept falling in the lorry and contaminated the rest of the waste.  I now tape the bin liner to the wheelie and, remembering that it takes approx. 6 years for a liner to disintegrate,  it has full use before putting in the green bin for landfill.
From Oxford Direct Services (ODS)
The ODS recycling and waste team continue to reach their targets and beyond even in the most difficult circumstances. Huge thank you as a department often taken for granted.
Recycling Information
ODS’ recycling and waste teams have been hard at work this year, collecting over 36,000 tonnes of recycling and waste since April. Thanks to you, over 52% of this has been recycled! We know that we can keep building on your success and Step it Up this season. We save 18 million tonnes of CO2 a year by recycling, the same environmental impact as taking 12 million cars off the road. Most of us are stepping it up to take climate change down, and recycling is one of the easiest ways to do it. Take action – recycle more. Find out how at
To help Oxford Step it Up, we’ve also partnered with Podback to bring a new kerbside coffee pod recycling service to Oxford. To use it, simply visit to order your FREE recycling bags. Once you’ve received your bags, simply follow the instructions and leave them on the kerbside next to your bin! We’ve got plenty more exciting recycling news coming, too. Keep your eyes open for our new competition, for example, which is going to be announced very soon... Keep up to date with the latest recycling tips and tricks, all the local recycling news and much more by following us on social media or visiting our website. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter (@Recycle4Oxford) and visit our website at (

3) Vaccination Van makes Oxford visits – 23rd September
A COVID-19 Vaccination Van will be visiting Oxford next week, attending:
Asylum Welcome, Magdalen Road, Oxford, on Thursday 23rd September from 9am until 5.30pm
Please note that the vaccination van visit in Rose Hill on 22nd has been cancelled.

4) Community Speedwatch (attachment)
Newsletter September 2021
The Vision. 
All community speed watch activities across Thames Valley Police are aligned in the implementation and administration of the scheme. All community speed watch activities are carried out in accordance with Policy, procedure and the best intentions of the community volunteers. 
Members of the community are happy with the education process and potential targeting of persistent offenders

5) Free Safety Tests (attachment)
Free Electric Blanket Checks from 20-24 September and 4-8 October.

6) Healthwatch
Healthwatch Oxfordshire Executive Director Rosalind Pearce appeared on BBC Radio Oxford’s breakfast show this morning as part of a feature about contacting GPs and getting face-to-face appointments with doctors.
You can listen back to the interview with Ms Pearce here: (starting from 1.24)
Please share your experiences of accessing your GP with Healthwatch. You can do this by either:
Leaving a short review of your GP surgery via the Feedback Centre here:
Getting in touch to share your experience by calling 01865 520520 or emailing
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Maggie Lewis (NWN, Multi Scheme Administrator, Thames Valley, Oxford LPA)
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